The GoGaga Diaper Bag: My Unbiased Review

It was just love at first sight when I saw this bag, I wanted to buy it. Honestly, it was a little above my budget for a diaper bag. I felt some “buyer remorse” and thought it was a little big for my purposes. I was also worried that it would not hold all my things. I started to question myself, but I decided to use any away. After all, I have already bought it.

From my use I deduced that although it is a diaper bag, it does not look like a diaper bag. I later found out that there’s no other bag like it, and it is patented.

The Messenger Strap and Its Slide

The strap is made of ballistic nylon which is water-resistant and easy to clean material, I would stretch it across my shoulder and along my back to distribute the weight, so I do not feel uncomfortable, especially around my neck, when carrying it for an extended period. Very ergonomic.

It also has a sleek padded shoulder strap with a pocket that slides up and down, I can also place it on my shoulder, and it does not slip because of the non-slip surface, or put my smartphone, tissues, and lip-gloss in the pocket where they stay there. Very multifunctional.

The One Hand Zipper

The angle of the zipper is positioned in a way that makes it easy to access with just one hand. It is so much easier to hold my baby while looking for anything in the bag. I love it.

Main Features

From the outside, it got nice two pockets on the front. I can put cups in them, my smartphone, my wallet, or my keys. In one pocket, there’s a long key clip. I usually attach the pacifier to it to be able to reach it quickly whenever I want. When the flap closes, there’s no way for anybody to slip his hand inside without me noticing.

On the sides, there are two insulated pocket bottles; they are very deep, beautiful, and fitting. I use them for baby bottles, cups, and even wine bottles when we go to a picnic! Like the zipper, they are designed for ease of access with one hand, the circular exterior of the insulated pocket bottles is foam-enforced, I could put bottles in and out with one hand, and they do not fall out.

It has a wide, roomy pocket which includes a changing pad that comes with it, I can also put my books and magazines. It is also made of ballistic nylon.

On the underside, it has these two little clips and adjustable straps. They are ideal for adjusting my bag to the stroller, which is especially helpful when I’m coming back from work at CheckMaid and I’m spent!

Spacious from the Inside

Inside, it has a detachable divider; I can use or remove. It also has a functional little zipper pocket for coins and Band-Aid items. There’s also four large pockets on both sides. I can fill the bag with everything, and it still stands, because the bottom is also foam-enforced, which is a feature not found in any other diaper bag I had before.