Bringing style to ergonomic design


Our products range from diaper bag to accessories that make it easier
to manage messes on the go.
The Slide

Water slides, slide guitar, a slide into home base – they’re all ways of getting from one point to another in a way that’s fun, unusual, and gets you noticed. Our Slide does exactly the same thing by carrying what you need in a stylish bag that’s comfortable and unique.

Our patent pending strap distributes the weight of the bag across your back and shoulders, so it won’t slide off or cut into your neck.

The strap fabric is ideal for nursing Moms since it doesn't put direct pressure on their breast.

The bag is also designed for Dads, including a sliding a shoulder pad that cinches the strap for a more masculine look and feel.

Our insulated bottle pockets fit everything from baby bottles to Nalgene bottles and are angled so that you can get bottles in and out with just one hand.

The Messenger
Don’t carry someone else’s message - make your own statement with our eye-popping Messenger. With unique features like our patented ergonomic strap and a front pocket that you can access with the flap closed, the Messenger tells the world that you have a knack for finding the newest and smartest products on the market.

The Messenger’s extra large interior makes it perfect for parents of multiples or those using cloth diapers, plus it can fit up to a 15” laptop or change of clothes for the gym.

The interior features 5 pockets and a foam divider that gives you organization when you need it, but moves out of the way when you don’t.

Our stroller straps are adjustable so they fit any stroller handle bar (even double strollers!) or can be used to carry a rolled up yoga mat or blanket for a playgroup or picnic.
The Gondola

It doesn’t come with a singing gondolier or views of Venice, but our Gondola’s sleek styling pays homage to Italy’s way of incorporating beauty into the everyday. This fashion-forward tote proves that you can carry what you need in comfort with style.

The interior features 3 pockets including a zippered mesh pocket so that you can find what you need at a glance. 

The Gondola can carry everything from a 14.5” laptop to books, snacks and a DVD player for a long flight. 

Our bags are healthy for the planet as well as for people – our recycled totes are made from 72% post consumer recycled fabric by a fair trade certified manufacturer in Vietnam.
The Sherpa Strap
Sometimes it feels like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders – literally.

Lugging your laptop, gym gear or paperwork from one place to the next can take a toll on your back, not to mention your outlook on life. So, we created the Urban Sherpa Strap to spread the weight of your bag across your back and shoulders, making it easier and more fashionable to carry.

So, if you have the perfect bag, but hate the strap, try our Urban Sherpa Strap. It works with any laptop bag, gym tote or briefcase that has a strap attached by clips – simply remove the current strap and clip Go GaGa’s Urban Sherpa Strap onto the plastic or metal loops at either end of your favorite bag.

And, by purchasing one of our straps, you’ll be helping others to lighten their load. In honor of the true sherpas who aid travelers on their treks, we will donate a portion of the profits from the sale of each Urban Sherpa Strap to The Mountain Fund, which works to provide clothing, medical care and education to sherpas and their families in mountain communities around the world
The Stuff Sack

We know that life gets messy sometimes – blowout diapers, half eaten yogurt tubes or soiled clothes become even tougher to manage when you’re on the go. So, we created our Stuff Sack to give you the perfect place to stash dirty things while you’re out and about.

Our Stuff Sack’s odor proof, leak proof, stain proof and waterproof construction can control even the toughest dirt, moisture and odor. Plus, they’re machine washable so that you can use them time and time again.

Best of all, our Sacks also block out dirt, odor and moisture that can ruin your stuff. Next time you head to the beach or get caught in the rain, stash your camera, dry clothes or iPod in our Stuff Sack for protection.

To use the bag, simply place the dirty items inside, roll the top of the bag 3 times and clip the buckle shut. This creates a handle that you can use to hang the Sack from a diaper bag strap, stroller handlebar, carrier waistband or simply carry in your hand.

The Nomad Diaper Clutch

Little ones don’t potty train at 6 months, so why are most changing pads designed as if they do?

We decided to give parents one changing kit that works from birth to potty training by using a high tech material to make a changing surface that’s 1 ½ feet wide and over 2 feet long. The compact material folds up to a pack that’s just 1 ½ inches wide, so it won’t fill your entire diaper bag. Plus, the double magnet enclosure enables you close it, even when stuffed to the gills.

Best of all, you can open and close the entire pack with just one hand, since you typically need the other to hold onto your little one. Plus, our unique Four Fold design means that the dirty underneath of the pad will never come into contact with the surface where your baby lays. That, combined with our antimicrobial coating means that your baby will have a safe and clean change every time.